May 2016

Lightroom Workshop!

May 19, 2016

Hi friends! We are hosting another workshop on July 16, 2016 and I’m so excited about it! Have you ever felt like your images would be better if you knew more about image processing? Like you know what you want them to look like stylistically, but aren’t sure how to achieve that look? Have you […]

Brian & Candie | Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery

May 18, 2016

I’m so humbled and blessed as a photographer to be invited into some of my client’s most treasured moments and sweetest memories-in-the-making. Brian and Candie chose to elope, on Sept. 13, 2015 at the Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery in Northeast Washington D.C., and the morning couldn’t of been more perfect. The weather was incredible, […]

David & Amber | Roops Mill

May 16, 2016

The morning of September 12, 2015 it was pouring rain, not the light drizzle kind of rain, the torrential down pour super dark skies kind of rain! I loaded up my gear, packed my clear umbrellas, and headed out to start photographing. As soon as I saw both Amber and Dave, at separate times for […]

Justin & Yessica | Fells Point

May 15, 2016

Oh my. I absolutely cannot wait to photograph this amazing couple’s wedding this September at the Top of the Bay on Aberdeen Proving Grounds! Yessica and Justin are a delight to be around, and obviously super photogenic! Everything from our first consult, to their engagement session in Fells Point, to walking through their wedding venue […]

The Tyndall Family | Bel Air, MD

I adore photographing this family every year, it’s such a privilege to be welcomed into their home and have the opportunity to document their lives as they’re being lived. Hands down, my favorite locations for family sessions are a client’s home. It’s where they make their memories, they feel the most comfortable, and is so […]

Eric & Jenny | Lauxmont Farms

May 14, 2016

Ohhhh these two!!! Jenny and Eric are seriously two of the nicest, most genuine people. I felt like I was instant friends with them when we met for their very first consultation. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to photograph their beautiful wedding day at gorgeous Lauxmont Farms! Eric and Jenny met in 6th […]