The Hastings | Cunningham Falls

September 26, 2014

For those of you who follow my blog, you may have heard me say before that some of my most favorite sessions to photograph are family sessions. Photographing the Hastings family confirmed all of those reasons why family sessions are some of my most favorite :). This family is so loving, there was no lack of opportunity to photograph genuine moments while hanging out with them. When I got in my car to drive home after their session, I couldn’t help but wish every kid got to have a childhood like the one that these kiddos get to have– with two incredibly loving parents who celebrate the little moments along with the big ones, who have a zest for living life to the fullest, and who keep their focus on the Creator of this beautiful life. Carrie and Craig, with their three beautiful children, Natalie, Lucy and Caleb, were an inspiration to me, a wonderful reminder to focus on what makes life beautiful, what makes it truly special– the ones we love, and the God that created us all.

For the Hastings’ photo session we all just hung out for a bit and explored The William Houck Area of Cunningham Falls State Park, then Carrie brought a cooler with ice cream cone fixings for everyone :). What a perfect summer evening!

Mary Brunst had her work cut out for her with our crew. Not only did she have three little people going in all different directions, but she had one little girl who wanted to give all the directions! Thankfully, she knew just what to do to keep it all together and keep it super fun! We had a blast! I highly recommend her! – Carrie

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