Rebekah J. Murray | Leesburg, VA

August 7, 2014

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of hanging out with wedding photographer Rebekah Murray, and rarely have I met a person so sweet. Rebekah is one of those people whom you can’t help but be inspired by, and motivated to dream just a little more. Her photography is absolutely stunning, but that’s no surprise because it’s an artistic expression of the artist herself. Rebekah has a warm personality that makes you feel comfortable, a way of seeing the world that makes everything look a bit more lovely, and a genuine honesty that instantly lets you know that you’re in good company.

Loved getting to do this shoot with Mary, and during the session I knew the finished images would be fantastic from her confidence and excitement. We’d met up for coffee and a chat before starting and the rest of the afternoon was just as comfortable and fun.

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