Deepa Rao | Washington, D.C.

July 1, 2014

Dancing in gold glitter and touring beautiful gardens with super fun people? Yes please! This photo session was a so much fun! Make-up artist Rebekah Weinreich, Deepa, and myself spent the afternoon hanging out together as Rebekah (awesomely, if I might add!) did Deepa’s makeup, before we headed over to Bishop’s Garden by the National Cathedral for Deeapa’s portrait session. The whole session was so relaxed and fun; we oohed and aahed over the gardens and beautiful architecture of the Cathedral, danced in glitter, and giggled like a bunch of school girls. So. Much. Fun! Such lovely and wonderful people to collaborate with!

These pictures were taken right before Deepa graduated with her masters from Georgetown University. Congratulations Deepa! And best wishes as you pursue your career and dreams in Boston!

It was such a treat working with both Mary and Rebekah for my photo shoot at Bishop’s Garden by the National Cathedral. Mary is extremely professional, imaginative, perceptive, and friendly. She quickly adapted to accommodate new ideas during the photo session. Throughout the entire process, Mary made me feel comfortable, confident, and excited to be creative. It was great to not only work with her, but also to see her at work.

Rebekah is a very talented makeup artist! Her makeup complemented the color palette of my dress and the beautiful sunset lighting that we were aiming to have for the photo shoot. She was highly detailed and ended up creating a very complex and elegant makeup look, especially for my eyes. I loved the final look and the process of getting my makeup done! – Deepa

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