Ethan and Edyna Shupp | Airville, PA

June 4, 2014

Some of my most favorite photo sessions are when I am given the opportunity to photograph kids just being kids, in an environment that they are comfortable in. I loved this photo session! Edyna (Eddie) and Ethan, with their awesome parents, live near the Muddy Creek trail in Airville, PA. Their photo session consisted of taking a walk on the trail, playing in streamers, throwing rocks in the creek, playing tag, swinging in a hammock, and picking flowers; in my book it doesn’t get any better than that :). What a beautiful family, it was so much fun to spend the evening with them, documenting the every day little moments that make life so special!

Our photo session with Mary was amazing! Not only was she extremely artistic with her shots but she was fantastic with the kids. I would highly recommend her to anyone. – Ashley Shupp (Ethan and Edyna’s mom)

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