Siu Yu Hsu | Westminster, MD

August 3, 2013

I am horribly late in posting these to the blog, but better late then never, because I have to tell you about my friend Siu Yu Hsu! First I must tell you, like most of her American friends I shamefully cannot pronounce her name properly, so she takes mercy on all of us and goes by the name Fish, the English sort-of translation of her name. When I posted a “sneak peek” image on facebook a few months ago I said I read this quote on Pinterest – “When you look at her, you notice the light of Christ in her eyes and in the radiance of her smile, and it’s breath taking” – and how much the quote reminded me of my friend Fish. I hate to be redundant, but that quote couldn’t be more accurate to describe Fish! Not only is she stunning on the outside, she has this rich depth and wisdom that never fail to enrich my life every time I’m around her. She is one of those rare, amazing people whom you feel blessed to just be around. These images were taken when she came to visit for a weekend last March, it was a cold miserable day, but my sister Jessica, Fish and I were determined to have a photo adventure, so we did :), because sometimes a cold day just needs the cheer that only photographing your friends can bring!

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