Paulina Johnson | Washington, D.C.

May 14, 2013

This was one of my favorite photo sessions, as a portrait photographer, there are certain days when you just feel like everything is working…. the light is perfect, your subject is gorgeous and so photogenic it’s magical, all your ideas are working somehow, and your creative juices are flowing freely…. its a rare feel-good kind of day, and this was one of those days!

Paulina Johnson is a beautiful person, inside and out, and I’m so excited that she was willing to participate in our Model Call-out sessions. I met Paulina when I stepped on the crowded Megabus to come home from the PDN Expo in NYC last fall.

My friend Kristin and I were late getting to the bus stop that night and most of the seats were filled, I’m looking everywhere and I hear “you can sit here next to me” and I look down and see this sweet girl move her photography bags and make room for me. I sat down and we soon started swapping stories about the conference, how cool we thought Creative Live is, and about the event she was going to attend the next day with Chase Jarvis, and I immediately knew I found a new photography friend who is as enamored with the art of photography as much as I am! Such a great trip home!

Paulina is one creative, super sweet, talented, and wonderful person, and I loved getting the chance to meet up with her again in Washington D.C. when we spent the afternoon hanging out for her Model Call-out portrait session!

As a side note, you should definitely check out her work on her website, blog and facebook business page!

It was such a pleasure being photographed by Mary. I had so much fun and she made me feel beautiful.

– Paulina

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Paulina Johnson

May 17, 2013

awwww hahaha love you mary! and thank you so much!