Jutz and Madison | Annapolis, MD

April 25, 2013

Sometimes God brings people into your world, that at the time you have no idea the influence and impact they will have on you. I met Jutz Moreland when I was a teenager, I was raising rabbits as a 4-H project, and she was looking to purchase a couple of them for her daughter, Madison, and her son, Micah, as pets.

I don’t know how it happened, but soon after that my older sisters and myself would sometimes babysit Madison and Micah, and every time I went over their house I was always amazed and incredibly intrigued by all of the really beautiful faux painting that Jutz had done to their home, or was in the middle of doing to their home. Some of you know that I worked as a faux finish artist and Italian Plaster applicator, professionally in Washington DC, before pursuing my photography career; well that fascination and love for painting was all started by being inspired by Jutz.

She is an incredible woman and an incredible artist, (side note you should seriously check out her work – website, and on facebook), but I would be doing our friendship an injustice if I told you the influence she has had on my life has been strictly artistic.

This woman has a passion for truth, a joyful spirit, and love for laughter that is truly captivating and wonderful to be around! When it comes to personality I sometimes feel that when I hang out with Jutz, I am hanging out with a slightly older version of myself, or maybe it’s just that she is so fun, that I hope my personality is something like her’s!

Needless to say, I was thrilled when Jutz and her daughter Madison wanted to be a part of my Model Call-out program! Madi is just as sassy and fun as her mom, and enough different in personality to make hanging out with both of them a complete blast! God knew (as always) what he was doing there, their personalities are the perfect complement for an awesome friendship, they are one of those rare and special mother/daughter relationships that are just a joy to be around!

Madi is such a grounded and amazing young woman, and I’m so excited to see where God is going to take her….. I mean, I know God’s taking this southern belle back to the South for college, but more then that, I know He has incredible plans for her future and I can’t wait to hear about the adventures!

Jutz and Madi thank you so much for being such troopers, strolling the streets of Annapolis in the rain! It was a joy to spend time with you, and a joy to photograph you both! Thank you!

I love our pics, we had so much fun, and you really did capture the true essence of our relationship as mommy and daughter and us as individuals!

Mary strives to encapsulate the true essence of who you are as an individual, or as a family. Her beautiful smile and loving personality is infectious in that you are immediately at ease and not at all self conscience! When I saw my pictures I thought “wow, if you didn’t know me before seeing these, you do now”!

– Jutz & Madi

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Kimberly Brooke Green

April 26, 2013

These are awesome! You captured them both so well, Mary!

Bobbi-Jo Cutler Fout

April 26, 2013

Beautiful smiles – full of personality!

Mary Brunst

April 26, 2013

Thank you! They are both just so much fun!

Sarah 'Stein' Howes

April 26, 2013

Such memories for the both of you! They are awesome!

Jessica Dukehart

May 2, 2013

M, you look like you all had a blast….I especially like the puddle pictues!

Mary Brunst

May 2, 2013

thanks lovely! It was super fun with these super fun ladies :)