The Odyssey School | Baltimore, MD

February 6, 2013

This past October I was blessed with the opportunity to be hired as advertising photographer for The Odyssey School in Stevenson, MD. The Odyssey School is, as they say, “A community focused on students with dyslexia and language learning differences”, but in my humble opinion they are so much more than that.

It is rare that I meet a collective group of people who are truly invested and deeply care about the well being, success, and happiness of others, as much as the staff and faculty at The Odyssey School do. They genuinely love and care about each child that walks through their doors, and believe in their ability to succeed; it is evident in the countenance of every teacher, in every member of the faculty that I met there. It was a joy and pleasure to be able to spend time with these wonderful people and incredible kids! I had a blast!

Mary did a spectacular job capturing the joy and the variety of activities that abound at The Odyssey School! She is a talented and creative professional who gets the best photographs by instantly putting children and adults at ease. Our team continues to delight in the great work she did for us.

-Marty Sweeney
Head of The Odyssey School


I couldn’t of asked for a more pleasant, supportive and organized group of people to work with, including the children! All of the students at The Odyssey School were also so pleasant and fun, and so very willing to allow me to photograph them, to document what a day in their world at school looks like.

Seriously, day’s like that remind me of just how blessed I am to be in a career that I love so much! So thank you to everyone at The Odyssey School for the opportunity to document a little portion of what makes your school so special and wonderful!

Mary Brunst provided the creative spark, professionalism, and excellence to our all day photography session! Mary is energetic, hard working, committed and thorough in her approach, capturing the delight, joy and sparkle of our students throughout the day!

– Jennifer L. Penn
Middle School Head

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Allan Steiner

February 6, 2013

I know a teacher at this school and these children could not have a more caring and concerned person than he to help them them through their difficulties.

Catherine Turner Carter

February 7, 2013

WAy to go, Martha. Great write up and photos!

Shirley Hays

February 7, 2013

Adorable pictures! Everyone looks happy, healthy and having fun!

Jessica Brunst

March 8, 2013

You did an amazing job on these. Makes me want to go to school there!

Mary Brunst

March 8, 2013

Thanks awesome cheerleader! :)